Katem provide safe and secure warehousing to a wide variety of clients from the print industry to both automotive and retail suppliers.HighBay

Our state of the art site consists of 130,000 square feet of warehousing with high bay racking with a full bar-code scanning warehouse software system to ensure all goods are stored accurately and are easily accessible when required.

We also have floor level spacing for loads that are unable to be stored in racking.

In addition we offer a full range of added value services such as:

  • Container loading/de-stuffing
  • Pick and pack operations
  • Product reworking
  • Trailer shipment

Along with internal storage, Katem has 4 acres of hard-standing which can be used for truck and trailer parking as well as external storage.

Our warehouse space is available for long or short term storage, fulfillment contracts and it can even be adjusted to suit your requirements. 

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